You can profit from your Legal Reserve area and still help to preserve the forest. It works like this:

Step 1: Pre registration

You make a simple registration on our website and inform your hectares corresponding to the Legal Reserve, as well as the documentation of ownership and other important data.

Step 2: Review and approval

We will review your registration and once approved we will make your hectares available for adoption. 

Step 3: Adoption

Investors will adopt your hectares and you will be paid for it.




Not yet. Your registration will undergo an analysis and we will contact you by email and WhatsApp. After that, your property will be available for adoption and there will only be a financial return when the area is actually adopted.

As soon as there is adoption on your property, the Coill team will contact you by email and WhatsApp.

We need to cross-check data with rural property regulators, to make sure that everything is properly regularized. Only after this analysis your properties will be suitable for adoption.

Are you interested?

Fill out the pre registration and we will contact you.

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